Tim Allan
Banjo, Guitar, and Mandolin

Hello and welcome to the section where you can hear just what I can do.

You can either listen to Windows Media audio files or download my demo MP3 audio files by using the links below - to save an MP3, just left click on the links and select the option that allows you to save the file to your hard drive.

The three files were recorded start-to-finish in a single session without any over-dubs, edits, or effects of any kind: everything you will hear is 100% live. The session has been split into three clips to be more managable - guitar, mandolin, and banjo.

Remember, these audio files are 100% copyright free - so feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues!

Audio files:


Tim Allan - Guitar Demo (demo part 1) - listen now! - download mp3 (4.9MB)

Tim Allan - Mandolin Demo (demo part 2) - listen now! - download mp3 (3.7MB) 

Tim Allan - Banjo Demo (demo part 3) - listen now! - download mp3 (3.6MB)

Feel free to look around my website if you have a chance - simply click here to access it. The multimedia section (with more video and audio selections) might also be of interest - stop by there at your leisure as well.

I'll talk to you soon!



Summer Mailing Address:
(May - October)
2850 Lakeshore Bvd. W.
P.O. Box 80112
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M8V 4A1

(416) 252-3638

Winter Mailing Address:
(November - April)
2513 Lewis Road
Venice, Florida

(941) 486-0320