Title: Ontario Banjo
Artist: Tim Allan
Recording: JTA003

Format: CD

$16.00 +$6.00 p&h (overseas $12.00 p&h)
(Book of Arrangements)
$20.00 +$12.00 p&h (overseas $24.00 p&h)

[Book contains all songs from this recording with melody line and chord symbols.]

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Around The World Medley
1. Around the World
2. Cielito Lindo
3. Jamaica Farewell
4. Scotland the Brave
5. English Country Garden
6. Irish Washerwoman
7. Wonderful Copenhagen
8. Tulips of Amsterdam
9. Happy Wanderer
10. Melody of Love
11. Can Can
12. Hungarian Dance No.5
13. Arrivederci Roma
14. Never On Sunday
15. Ladies of Cairo
16. Hava Nagila
17. Moscow Nights
18. Sukiyaki
19. Java
20. Chinatown
21. Waltzing Matilda
22. Aloha Oe
23. This Land is Your Land

Pineapple Rag

Memory (Cats)

Days Gone By

Phantom of the Opera Medley
1. Phantom of the Opera
2. Music of the Night
3. All I Ask Of You

Easy Winners Rag


Tango Medley
1. Adios Muchachos
2. Perfidia
3. El Choclo

Ave Maria

Poet & Peasant Overture