Title: Tim Allan's Notebook
Author: Tim Allan

Format: Book

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Tim Allan's Notebook: Table of Contents

I - Introduction

A) Holding Banjo
B) Banjo Head
C) Tuning
D) Strings
E) Pick
F) Right Hand Position
G) Left Hand Position

II - Introduction

A) Family of Chords
B) Simple Strumming Rhythms
C) Tremolo
D) 1) Touching the Head
   2) Cross-Picking
   3) Single Note Work

III - Note Reading

A) Terminology
B) Notes on Each String
C) Accidentals

IV - Chord Theory

A) Practice
B) Warm-Up Chord Exercise
C) Chord Symbols
D) Chord Construction
E) Chord Formulas
F) Chord Inversions

V - (A) Chord Inversions Up The Neck

1) C, F, G7, Am
2) F, Bb, C7, Dm
3) G, C, D7, Em
4) Bb, Eb, F7, Gm
5) D, G, A7, Bm
6) Eb, Ab, Bb7, Cm
7) A, D, E7, F#m
8) Ab, Db, Eb7, Fm
9) E, A, B7, C#m

(B) Alternate Chords

1) Majors
2) Sevenths
3) Minors
4) Diminished Chords
5) Augmented Chords

(C) Chord Inversions Up The Neck

1) Db, Gb, Ab7, Bbm
2) C#, F#, G#7, A#m
3) B, E, F#7, G#m
4) Cb, Fb, Gb7, Abm
5) F#, B, C#7, D#m
6) Gb, Cb, Db7, Ebm

* Note: 1 and 2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6 are the same chord forms *

(D) Cycle of Fifths


VI - Right Hand Picking Styles

A) Rhythmic Variety
B) Duo Style
C) Bass Melody

VII - Scale Practice

A) Scales Based Upon Chord Forms
B) Joining Scales Together

VIII - Picking Practice

A) "Down-Glide-And-Up" Stroke
B) Up Stroke Picking

IX - Introduction to Jazz Chorus Picking

A) Jazz Chorus Using Melody Line
B) Chord Arpeggio Picking Patterns
C) Two String Patterns
D) One String - Open String Patterns
E) Single Note Runs in Same Position
F) Musical Runs in Various Positions

X - Arrangements

A) Dixieland Jazz Choruses
B) Introductions
C) Endings
D) Simple Harmony
E) Chord Fillers
F) Some Complex Chords
G) Autumn Leaves Discussion

XI - Final Comments

A) Vocal and Band Accompaniment

B) Interesting Effects

1) High Strings
2) Banjo Head
3) Mutes
4) String Bending
5) Harmonics
6) Trills
7) High "C" Tuning

C) Practical Hints

D) Fast Chording

1) "Economizing" Fingers
2) Finger Exercises
3) Chord Pairing

E) Diagrammed Arrangements

1) I'm A Banjo Man © 1984 Tim Allan (SOCAN) from Looking Back
2) Days Gone By © 1992 Tim Allan (SOCAN) from Ontario Banjo
3) You'd Be Surprised © 1995 Tim Allan from Love Songs Vol.1